Monday, May 25, 2009

Three Rhinos

It may be hard to believe but these are the first three Rhinos of the 'current' style that I have ever owned. I have been playing and collecting Space Marines for years but I have always used the 'original' Rhino. Why? Well, I am cheap. Most of my collection is from trades and second-hand purchases. Several years ago most gamers were dumping their old Rhinos in favor of the new style. I got some really great deals.

I have always loved the look of the current Rhino but I could never justify the money considering I have dozens of the old ones. On Saturday I was able to workout a trade with a friend for three of the current Rhino so I had to take it. Yesterday I built all three and today I plan to paint them. These will be for my Knights of Eden Space Marines so they will be orange. This is a tough color and vehicle painting is not my strong suit. This will be a challenge that I don't think I can meet.

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